a mute bargain struck between two coins one agreed to land on its head another on its tail Fat Chance betrayed one landed straight up and another went for a toss. Seeing as how Destiny beguiles men and forces them to choose the coins sought unity nickels & cents together made the strongest men weep … More Value

At the doctor’s

These little things the cutlery the pottery the heater the sweater the cow in the barn the cat with the yarn onset of a pillow cover tidings of a deranged lover housewives and daily chores rich men and nightly whores cricket and capitalism all the liberal humanism things I looked at on my smartphone while … More At the doctor’s

Tragic heroes

I like movies with big guns and the heroic men foolhardy and suave martyring themselves to the causes of love and women I often dreamed about dying for a woman myself never did quite find the right one found a crazy one though she wants me to live Pff…