Sodium dreams

Amidst sodium dreams and mosquito nets perspective shows hyperbole its rightful place behind a garbage mound under the influence of an infernal smell a spoonful of man flicks the last bead of sweat off his forehead alcohol on his breath her purple face his famished rage what goes on under these tightly wound bodices of … More Sodium dreams

A poet’s doodle

1…. It catches me awake tugs at my blanket once manifest now fleeting a verse long since past begs remembrance but memory doesn’t wait on frail men. 2… A request came through the rush of traffic and grief, to be logged into a poet’s journal for reasons hence forgotten. 3… These contour lines scribbled on … More A poet’s doodle


Mother’s quiet admonition that little tap on the thigh while her father-in-law rambles on demeaning a selfless life sacrificed in the name of a possibility a good family, wonderful kids and a satisfied husband I’m flush with anger but those words don’t come out the right words whatever they maybe to defend something that shouldn’t … More Admonition

Your empathy

Your empathy is but a trinket bought on an online marketplace a bauble made of plastic cost nothing to make, is worth nothing you sell it like it’s something to cherish but you don’t understand what I’ve been through you feel for me yet you ignore me in a crowd I know I am going … More Your empathy